About us

Australian Biathlon was established in the late 1970s.

Our sport has grown organically from our roots at the only biathlon range in Australia, at Whiskey Flat, three kilometres east of Mt Hotham in Victoria.

The formal objectives of the Australian Biathlon Association are generally to foster the multi-discipline sport of biathlon within the wider community for the enjoyment, challenge and achievement of participants.

The Association is a non-profit association.

At Mount Hotham during winter, in addition to the formal Championship weekends, there are various camps. The "best fun you can have in biathlon for new and old" event is the Paul Family Weekend held each year, aimed at encouraging maximum participation, no matter how new you are to biathlon.

Off-snow, training happens year round. We have venues in Melbourne, Albury-Wodonga, Marlo and Sydney. Cross training includes replacing the skiing with running, mountain biking, hill bounding, rollerskiing or Skiking. We also see scooters in our summer and autumn biathlon events!